Tissue Dissociation References
Tissue Type: Calvaria

Calvaria: Mouse
  • BALB/c mice
Takanashi, H., Matsuishi, T., and Yoshizato, K.: Establishment and Characterization of Stromal Cell Lines That Support Differentiation of Murine Hematopoietic Blast Cells into Osteoblast-like Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 30A, 384, 1994
Cells:     Osteoblastlike cellsStromal cell linesHematopoietic blast cells
Enzyme(s)    Collagenase Type I: 0.2%
Trypsin: 0.1%
Medium    Eagle's MEM

Calvaria: Rat
  • Newborn rats
Ernst, M., and Froesch, E.: Osteoblastlike Cells in a Serum-Free Methylcellulose Medium Form Colonies: Effects of Insulin and Insulinlike Growth Factor I, Calcif Tissue Int 40, 27, 1987
Cells:     Osteoblastlike cells
Enzyme(s)    Collagenase Type II: 3 mg/ml
Medium    MEM

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