Epithelial - Tissue Tables

SpeciesSpecies DetailCellsEnzyme(s)Medium Reference
Bovine Bovine, fetal Epithelial
Neutral Protease: 2%
Dissociation medium, CMF Schumann, B.L., Cody, T.E., Miller, M.L., Leikauf, G.D.: Isolation, Characterization, and Long-Term Culture of Fetal Bovine Tracheal Epithelial Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 24, 211, 1988
Canine Dog Tracheal Pronase: 0.1%
DMEM Virmani, A., Naziruddin, B., Desai, V., Lowry, J., Graves, D., and Sachdev, G.: Evidence for Secretion of High Molecular Weight Mucins by Canine Tracheal Epithelial Cells in Primary Culture: Effects of Select Secretagogues on Mucin Secretion, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 28A, 120, 1992
Chicken Chick, 5 day old Intestinal mesenchymal and epithelial Collagenase: 0.03%
DMEM Simon-Assmann, P and Kedinger, M: Embryonic Gut-Dissagregated Culture,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12A:3.1, 1995
Fish Shark (Squalus acanthias) Rectal gland Collagenase: 0.2%
Ringer's solution Karnaky, Jr., K.J., Valentich, J.D., Currie, M.G., Oehlenschlager, W.F., and Kennedy, M.P.: Atriopeptin Stimulates Chloride Secretion in Cultured Shark Rectal Gland Cells, Am J Physiol 260, 1125, 1991
Fish Shark (Squalus acanthias) Rectal gland Collagenase: 0.2%
Ringer's solution Valentich, J: Primary Cultures of Shark Rectal Gland Epithelial Cells: A Model for Hormone-Sensitive Chloride Transport, J Tiss Cul Meth 13, 149, 1991
Fish Winter flounder, 200-500 g
(Pseudopleuronectes americanus)
Renal tubule Trypsin: 0.2%
Trypsin: 0.2%
CMF solution Dickman, K. and Renfro, J.: Primary Culture of Flounder Renal Tubule Cells:Transepithelial Transport, Am J Physiol 251, 424, 1986
Frog Frog, Xenopus laevis, adult, female Colonic epithelial Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Kreb's Heinke, B, and Clauss, W.: Potassium Conductances in Isolated Single Cells from Xenopus Laevis Colonic Epithelium, J Comp Physiol [B] 169, 148, 1999
Guinea-Pig Guinea-pig, Hartley, female, 200 g Epithelial Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
DMEM Rutten, M.: Use of Commerically Available Cell Culture Inserts for Primary Culture and Electrophysiologic Studies of Guinea Pig Gastric Mucous Epithelial Cells, J Tiss Cul Meth 14, 235, 1992
Guinea-Pig Guinea-pig, Hartley albino,
500-600 g
Endometrial Collagenase: 0.25%
HBSS Chaminadas, G., Alkhalaf, M., Remy-Martin, J.P., Propper, A.Y., and Adessi, G.L.: Specific Effect of Oestrone Sulphate on Protein Synthesis and Secretion by Cultured Epithelial Cells from Guinea-pig Endometrium, J Endocrinol 123, 233, 1989
Hamster Hamster, Syrian gold, male, 100-120 g Tracheal Pronase: 0.1%
MEM with Hepes, CMF Niles,R., Kim, K.C., Hyman, B., Christensen, T., Wasano, K., Brody, J.: Characterization Of Extended Primary And Secondary Cultures Of Hamster Tracheal Epithelial Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 24, 457, 1988
Hamster Hamster, Syrian golden (strain CR:RGH) Tracheal Trypsin: 0.1%
Ham's F-12 McDowell, E., et al.: Differentiation of Tracheal Mucociliary Epithelium in Primary Cell Culture Recapitulates Normal Fetal Development and Regeneration Following Injury in Hamsters, Am J Pathol 129, 511, 1987
Hamster Hamster (strain 1516 EHS and Lakeview), 8-12 weeks Tracheal Trypsin: 0.05%
Medium 199 Lee, T., Wu, R., Brody, A., Barrett, J., and Nettesheim, P.: Growth and Differentiation of Hamster Tracheal Epithelial Cells in Culture, Exp Lung Res 6, 27, 1984
Hamster Hamster, Syrian gold, male, 6 weeks- 4 months Tracheal Trypsin: 0.25%
PBS with EDTA Goldman, W.E., Baseman, J.B.: Selective Isolation and Culture of a Proliferating Epithelial Cell Population from the Hamster Trachea, In Vitro 16, 313, 1980
Human Human Epithelial Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Neutral Protease: 0.1%
PBS Gottipamula, S., Saraswat, S. and Sridhar, K.: Comparative Study of Isolation, Expansion and Characterization of Epithelial Cells., Cytotherapy 19, 263-271, 2017
Human Human Oral mucosal epithelial Collagenase Type 1: 0.05%
DMEM/F12 Hsueh, Y., Huang, S., Lai, J., Ma, S., Chen, H., Wu, S., Wang, T., Sun, C., Ma, K., Chen, J., Lai, C. and Ma, D.: Preservation of Epithelial Progenitor Cells from Collagenase-Digested Oral Mucosa During Ex Vivo Cultivation., Sci Rep 6, 36266, 2016
Human Human Gastrointestinal epithelial Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
DMEM/F12 VanDussen, K., Marinshaw, J., Shaikh, N., Miyoshi, H., Moon, C., Tarr, P., Ciorba, M. and Stappenbeck, T.: Development of an Enhanced Human Gastrointestinal Epithelial Culture System to Facilitate Patient-Based Assays., Gut 64, 911-20, 2015
Human Human Human tracheal epithelium Protease Type XIV: 0.04%
DMEM/F12 Widdicombe JH, Sachs LA, Morrow JL, and Finkbeiner WE.: Expansion of cultures of human tracheal epithelium with maintenance of differentiated structure and function, Biotechniques 39(2), 249, 2005
Human Human Colonic epithelial Collagenase:
Neutral Protease: 0.3%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.05%
RPMI 1640 Fukushima, K. and Fiocchi, C.: Paradoxical Decrease of Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Epithelial Cells of Active Ulcerative Colitis Patients., Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 286, G804-13, 2004
Human Human Corneal limbal epithelial sheet Neutral Protease: 5%
see reference Espana EM, Romano AC, Kawakita T, Di Pascuale M, Smiddy R, and Tseng SC: Novel enzymatic isolation of an entire viable human limbal epithelial sheet, Inv Ophthal Visual Sci 44(10), 4275, 2003
Human Human Intestinal epithelial Collagenase Type 4: 72.5 u/ml
HBSS Fahlgren, A., Hammarstrom, S., Danielsson, A. and Hammarstrom, M.: Increased Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides and Lysozyme in Colonic Epithelial Cells of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis., Clin Exp Immunol 131, 90, 2003
Human Human Gastric epithelial cells Collagenase Type 2: 200 u/ml
Neutral Protease: 1.2 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.125%
L-15 Smoot, D., Sewchand, J., Young, K., Desbrodes, B., Allen, C. and Naab, T.: A Method for Establishing Primary Cultures of Human Gastric Epithelial Cells, Meth Cell Sci 22, 133, 2000
Human Human Gastric Collagenase Type 4: 0.01%
F-12 medium Sarosiek, J, Marshall, B, Peura, D, Guerrant, L, McCallum, R and Little, C: The Isolation and Maintenance of Human Gastric Epithelial Cells in Primary Culture,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12B:10.1, 1995
Human Human Nasal polyp epithelial Neutral Protease: .004%
Trypsin: 0.1%
see reference Halbert CL, Alexander IE, Wolgamot GM, Miller AD: Adeno-associated virus vectors transduce primary cells much less efficiently than immortalized cells, J Virol 69, 1473-9, 1995
Human Human Epithelial Trypsin: 0.05%
DMEM Sabatini, L., Allen-Hoffmann, B, Warner, T., and Azen, E.: Serial Cultivation of Epithelial Cells from Human and Macaque Salivary Glands, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 939, 1991
Human Human Epithelial Trypsin: 0.2%
MEM, PBS Robinson, C., and Wu, R.: Culture of Conducting Airway Epithelial Cells in Serum-Free Medium, J Tiss Cul Meth 13, 95, 1991
Human Human Epithelial Collagenase: 2.0%
DMEM/Ham's F-12 Emerman, J. and Wilkinson, D.: Routine Culturing of Normal, Dysplastic and Malignant Human Mammary Epithelial Cells from Small Tissue Samples, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 1186, 1990
Human Human Epithelial Pronase: 0.1%
PBS Gruenert, D.C., Basbaum, C.B., and Widdicombe, J.H.: Long-Term Culture of Normal and Cystic Fibrosis Epithelial Cells Grown Under Serum-Free Conditions, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 411, 1990
Human Human Epithelial
Sweat gland
Collagenase Type 2: 0.2%
(see reference) Wood, L. and Neufeld, E.: A Cystic Fibrosis Phenotype in Cells Cultured from Sweat Gland Secretory Coil. Altered Kinetics of 36Cl Efflux, J Biol Chem 265, 12796, 1990
Human Human
(also bovine)
Endometrial epithelial Trypsin:
DMEM/Ham's F-12 Munson, L., Chandler, S., and Schlafer, D.: Cultivation of Bovine Fetal and Adult Endometrial Epithelial Cells, J Tiss Cul Meth 11 (3), 129, 1988
Human Human Epithelial Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
HEPES with 5.9mM Glucose,5mM DTT Widdicombe, J.H., Coleman, D.L., Finkbeiner, W.E., and Tuet, I.K.: Electrical Properties of Monolayers Cultured From Cells of Human Tracheal Mucosa, J Appl Physiol 58, 1729, 1985
Human Human Epithelial Protease Type XIV: 0.1%
Eagle's MEM Yankaskas, J., Cotton, C., Knowles, M., Gatzy, J., and Boucher, R.: Culture of Human Nasal Epithelial Cells on Collagen Matrix Supports, Am Rev Respir Dis 132, 1281, 1985
Human Human, women, 27-49 years Epithelial
Trypsin: 0.125%
HBSS, CMF Auersperg, N., Siemens, C.H., and Myrdal, S.E.: Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium In Primary Culture, In Vitro 20, 743, 1984
Human Human, infant and neonate Epithelial
Trypsin: 0.1%
HBSS Lechner, J., Babcock, M., Marnell, M., Narayan, K., and Kaighn, M.: Normal Human Prostate Epithelial Cell Cultures, Methods Cell Biol 21, 195, 1980
Mouse Mouse, 8-12 week Nasal epithelium Papain: 20 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.005%
EBSS Brann, D., Tsukahara, T., Weinreb, C., Lipovsek, M., Van den Berge, K., Gong, B., Chance, R., Macaulay, I., Chou, H., Fletcher, R., Das, D., Street, K., de Bezieux, H., Choi, Y., Risso, D. and Dudoit, S.: Non-Neuronal Expression of SARS-CoV-2 Entry Genes in the Olfactory System Suggests Mechanisms Underlying COVID-19-Associated Anosmia., Sci. Adv. 6, , 2020
Mouse Mouse Alveolar epithelial Neutral Protease: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
DMEM Sun, F., Xiao, G. and Qu, Z.: Isolation of Murine Alveolar Type II Epithelial Cells., Bio-protocol 7, , 2017
Mouse Mouse Tracheal epithelial Papain: 50 u/ml
See reference Pardo-Saganta, A., Tata, P., Law, B., Saez, B., Chow, R., Prabhu, M., Gridley, T. and Rajagopal, J.: Parent Stem Cells Can Serve as Niches for Their Daughter Cells., Nature 523, 597-601, 2015
Mouse Mouse, adult Cilary epithelial PDS kit: per instructions
EBSS Gualdoni, S., Baron, M., Lakowski, J., Decembrini, S., Pearson, R., Ali, R. and Sowden, J.: Isolation and Culture of Adult Ciliary Epithelial Cells, Previously Identified as Retinal Stem Cells, and Retinal Progenitor Cells., Curr Protoc Stem Cell Biol Chapter 1, Unit 1H.4, 2011
Mouse Mouse, male, 8-16 week Renal tubular epithelial Collagenase: 200 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: see reference
HBSS Breggia, A. and Himmelfarb, J.: Primary Mouse Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells have Variable Injury Tolerance to Ischemic and Chemical Mediators of Oxidative Stress., Oxid Med Cell Longev 1, 33, 2008
Mouse Mouse Epithelial Collagenase: 0.025%
Neutral Protease: 0.25%
DMEM Mathew, R., Degenhard,t K., Haramaty, L., Karp, C. and White, E.: Immortalized Mouse Epithelial Cell Models to Study the Role of Apoptosis in Cancer., Methods Enzymol 446, 77-106, 2008
Mouse Mouse, 6-8 week Lamina propria mononuclear cells Collagenase Type 2: 0.015%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
RPMI Wirtz S., Becker C., Blumberg R., Galle P., and Neurath M.: Treatment of T cell-dependent experimental colitis in SCID mice by local administration of an adenovirus expressing IL-18 antisense mRNA, J Immunol 168(1), 411, 2002
Mouse Mouse, 11 week Epithelial Collagenase Type 3: 25 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
Protease XIV: 0.05%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.04%
DMEM/F12 Mueller, S., Clark, J., Myers, P. and Korach, K.: Mammary Gland Development in Adult Mice Requires Epithelial and Stromal Estrogen Receptor Alpha., Endocrinology 143, 2357, 2002
Mouse Mouse, female Salivary gland epithelial Collagenase Type 1: 750 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 500 u/ml
DMEM/F12 Ishimaru N, Saegusa K, Yanagi K, Haneji N, Saito I, Hayashi Y: Estrogen deficiency accelerates autoimmune exocrinopathy in murine Sjogren's syndrome through fas-mediated apoptosis, Am J Pathol 155, 173-81, 1999
Mouse Mouse, fetal 12-13 day Intestinal mesenchymal and epithelial Collagenase: 0.03%
DMEM Simon-Assmann, P and Kedinger, M: Embryonic Gut-Dissagregated Culture,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12A:3.1, 1995
Mouse Mouse Submandibular salivary Collagenase Type 2 or 3: 0.16%
DMEM Durban, E: Submandibular Salivary Epithelial Cells,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12B:2.1, 1995
Mouse Mouse Esophageal Trypsin: 0.25%
PBS, CMF Katayama, M., Kan, M.: Heparin-Binding (Fibroblast) Growth Factors re Potential Autocrine Regulators of Esophageal Epithelial Cell Proliferation, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27, 533, 1991
Mouse Mouse, mature, female, 6-8-wk-old Uterine Trypsin: 0.2%
Trypsin: 0.2%
HBSS Ghosh, D., Danielson, K., Alston, J., and Heyner, S.: Functional Differentiation of Mouse Uterine Epithelial Cells Grown on Collagen Gels or Reconstituted Basement Membranes, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 713, 1991
Mouse Mouse, female, 18 - 20 days
(also 20 - 22 days)
Uterine Trypsin: 0.25%
HBSS Fukamachi, H., and McLachlan, J.: Proliferation and Differentiation of Mouse Uterine Epithelial Cells in Primary Serum-Free Culture: Estradiol-17B Suppresses Uterine Epithelial Proliferation Cultured on a Basement Membrane-Like Substratum, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 907, 1991
Mouse Mouse, (BALB/c), male, 3-5 months Epithelial
Submandibular salivary gland
Collagenase Type 3: 0.16% , 1:1 v/v
DMEM with 15 mM HEPES Durban, E.M.: Mouse Submandibular Salivary Epithelial Cell Growth and Differentiation in Long-Term Culture:Influence of the Extracellular Matrix, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 33, 1990
Mouse Mouse, female Epithelial Pepsin: 0.1% and 0.05%
Pepsin: 0.1%
HBSS with 0.2% EDTA, CMF Riser, M., Huff, B., and Medina, D.: Pepsin Can Be Used To Subculture Viable Mammary Epithelial Cells, In Vitro 19, 730, 1983
Mouse Mouse, (BALB/cfC3H or BALB/c) 8-12 day mid-pregnant Epithelial
Submandibular gland
Collagenase Type 3: 0.1%
HBSS Yang, J., Flynn, D., Larson, L., and Hamamoto, S.: Growth in Primary Culture of Mouse Submandibular Epithelial Cells, In Vitro 18, 435, 1982
Mouse Mouse (BALB/cfC3H) Mammary tumors
Collagenase: 1.0%
HBSS Yang, J., Guzman, R., Richards, J., and Nandi, S.: Primary Cultures of Mouse Mammary Tumor Epithelial Cells Embedded in Collagen Gels, In Vitro 16, 502, 1980
Mouse Mouse, C3H, 6-8 weeks Epithelial Collagenase: 0.10%
DMEM Lillehaug, J., Mondal, S., and Heidelberger, C.: Establishment of Epithelial Cell Lines from Mouse Regenerating Liver, In Vitro 15, 910, 1979
Porcine Porcine, 5-60 kg Retinal pigment epithelial cells Collagenase: 2%
DMEM Wiencke, A., Kiilgaard, J., Nicolini, J., Bundgaard, M., Ropke, C., and La Cour, M.: Growth of Cultured Porcine Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells, Acta Opthalmol Scand 81(2), 170, 2003
Porcine Porcine Trachea Neutral Protease: 0.2%
HBSS De Buysscher, E., Kennedy, J., and Mendicino, J.: Synthesis of Mucin Glycoproteins by Epithelial Cells Isolated from Swine Trachea by Specific Proteolysis, In Vitro 20, 433, 1984
Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, adult Colon Neutral Protease: 0.3%
PBS Vidrich, A., Racindranath, R., Farsi, K., and Targan, S.: A Method for the Rapid Establishment of Normal Adult Mammalian Colonic Epithelial Cell Cultures, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 24 (3), 188, 1988
Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, male, 4-5lb. Gastric
Parietal and chief
Collagenase Type 2: 0.08%
Sodium phosphate buffer Chew, C.S., Brown,M.R.: Release of Intracellular Ca2+ and Elevation of Inositol Triphosphate by Secretagogues in Parietal and Chief Cells Isolated from Rabbit Gastric Mucosa, Biochim Biophys Acta 888, 116, 1986
Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white estrous, female, 4-5 months Mesothelial and surface epithelial
Trypsin: 0.125%-0.5%
Medium 199 Nicosia, S., Johnson, J., and Streibel, E.: Isolation and Ultrastructure of Rabbit Ovarian Mesothelium(Surface Epithelium), Int J Gynecol Pathol 3, 348, 1984
Rabbit Rabbit, fetal Epithelial
Collagenase Type 3: 0.10%
HBSS Logsdon, C.D., Bisbee, C.A., Rutten, M.J. and Machen, T.E.: Fetal Rabbit Gastric Epithelial Cells Cultured on Floating Collagen Gel, In Vitro 18, 233, 1981
Rat Rat Mammary epithelial Collagenase Type 3: 0.35%
HBSS Mei, N., McDaniel, L., Dobrovolsky, V., Guo, X., Shaddock, J., Mittelstaedt, R., Azuma, M., Shelton, S., McGarrity, L., Doerge, D. and Heflich, R.: The Genotoxicity of Acrylamide and Glycidamide in Big Blue Rats., Toxicol Sci 115, 412, 2010
Rat Rat, SD, adult, male, 8-10 weeks old Seminiferous tubules Trypsin: 0.05%
Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer
(see reference)
Abou-Haila, A., and Tulsiani, D.: Acid Glycohydrolases in Rat Spermatocytes, Spermatids and Spermatozoa: Enzyme Activities, Biosynthesis and Immunolocalization, Biol Proced Online 3 (1), 35, 2001
Rat Rat, male Alveolar epithelial Elastase: 40 u/ml
DMEM Planus, E., Galiacy, S., Matthay, M., Laurent, V., Gavrilovic, J., Murphy, G., Clerici, C., Isabey, D., Lafuma, C., and d'Ortho, M.: Role of Collagenase in Mediating in Vitro Alveolar Epithelial Wound Repair, J Cell Sci 112, 243, 1999
Rat Rat, embryonic Tracheal epithelial Collagenase Type 4: 0.05%
Neutral Protease:
Deoxyribonuclease I:
DMEM/F12 Shannon JM, Gebb SA, and Nielsen LD: Induction of alveolar type II cell differentiation in embryonic tracheal epithelium in mesenchyme-free culture, Development 126, 1675, 1999
Rat Rat, fetal, 14-15 day Intestinal mesenchymal and epithelial Collagenase: 0.03%
DMEM Simon-Assmann, P and Kedinger, M: Embryonic Gut-Dissagregated Culture,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12A:3.1, 1995
Rat Rat, 4-14 week Retinal pigment epithelial cells Collagenase Type 1: 65 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 220 u/ml
CF Hanks with EDTA Wang N, Koutz CA, and Anderson RE.: A method for the isolation of retinal pigment epithelial cells from adult rats, Inv Ophthal Visual Sci 34(1), 101, 1993
Rat Rat, SD, adult, 90-120 day old, 350-450 g Epididymal epithelial Collagenase Type 2: 0.1%
HBSS Klinefelter, G.: A Novel System for the Co-Culture of Epididymal Epithelial Cells and Sperm From Adult Rats, J Tiss Cul Meth 14, 195, 1992
Rat Rat, 6 day old Rat intestinal epithelial Neutral Protease: 0.01%
Collagenase: 300 u/ml
DMEM Evans GS, Flint N, Somers AS, Eyden B, and Potten CS.: The development of a method for the preparation of rat intestinal epithelial cell primary cultures, J Cell Sci 101, 219, 1992
Rat Rat, SD, male, 150 - 250 g Epithelial
Pronase: 0.15%
Medium 199 Dial, E., Kao, Y., and Lichtenberger, L.: Effects of 16,16-Dimethyl Prostaglandin E2 On Glycoprotein And Lipid Synthesis of Gastric Epithelial Cells Grown in a Primary Culture, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27, 39, 1991
Rat Rat, adult
(also hamster)
Interlobular duct fragments Papain:
DMEM/Ham's F-12 Heimann, T., and Githens, S.: Rat Pancreatic Duct Epithelium Cultured on a Porous Support Coated with Extracellular Matrix, Pancreas 6 (5), 514, 1991
Rat Rat, SD, 200 g Colon Deoxyribonuclease I: 10 g/ml
(see reference) Yassin, R., Clearfield, H., Katz, S., and Murthy, S.: Gastrin Induction of mRNA Expression in Rat Colonic Epithelium In Vitro, Peptides 12, 63, 1991
Rat Rat, Wistar, neonatal Epithelial Trypsin: 0.1%
HBSS Jassal, D., Han, R., Caniggia, I., Post, M., and Tanswell, A.: Growth of Distal Fetal Rat Lung Epithelial Cells in a Defined Serum-Free Medium, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 625, 1991
Rat Rodent, various (see reference) Epithelial Trypsin: 0.2%
MEM, PBS Robinson, C., and Wu, R.: Culture of Conducting Airway Epithelial Cells in Serum-Free Medium, J Tiss Cul Meth 13, 95, 1991
Rat Rat, 6-8 day Retinal pigment epithelial Neutral Protease: 2%
DMEM Chang CW, Roque RS, Defoe DM, and Caldwell RB.: An improved method for isolation and culture of pigment epithelial cells from rat retina, Curr Eye Res 10(11), 1081, 1991
Rat Rat (ACI/NMs X BUF/Mna) F1, male, 28 months
Rat (ACI/MNs) male, 8 weeks
Epthelial Collagenase Type 3: 0.1%
Eagle's MEM Serum-free Masuda, A., Ohtsuka, K., and Matsuyama, M.: Establishment of Functional Epithelial Cell Lines from a Rat Thyoma and a Rat Thymus, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 713, 1990
Rat Rat, Fisher 344, male, 8 wks old,
250-300 g
Tracheal epithelial Pronase: 0.5%
DMEM Chang, L., Wu, R., and Nettesheim, P.: Morphological Changes in Rat Tracheal Cells During The Adaptive and Early Growth Phase in Primary Cell Culture, J Cell Sci 74, 283, 1985
Rat Rat, Fischer, male, 4-6 weeks Epithelial
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
HEPES BSS Babcock, M., Marino, M., Gunning, W., and Stoner, G.: Clonal Growth and Serial Propagation of Rat Esophageal Epithelial Cells, In Vitro 19, 403, 1983
Rat Rat, Fischer, Lewis and SD, male, 10-18 months Epithelial Trypsin: 0.05%
HBSS CMF Herring, A., Raychaudhuri, R., Kelley, S., and Iybe, P.: Repeated Establishment of Diploid Epithelial Cell Cultures from Normal and Partially Hepatectomized Rats, In Vitro 19, 576, 1983
Rat Rat, SD, female Epithelial, cancer and tumor Collagenase: 0.1%
Eagles's MEM Cohen, L.: Isolation and Characterization of a Serially Cultivated, Neoplastic, Epithelial Cell Line from the N-nitrosomethylurea Induced Rat Mammary Adenocarcinoma, In Vitro 18, 565, 1982
Rat Rat, Wistar, 12 day Epithelial Trypsin: 0.05%
HBSS, CMF Malan-Shibley, L., and Iype, P.: Influence of Cultures on Cell Morphology/Tyrosine Aminotransferase Levels, Exp Cell Res 131, 363, 1981
Rat Rat, Fischer, adult, 200-250 g Epithelial Hyaluronidase: 0.0075%
KCl-NaCl HEPES Buffer Williams, G., and Gunn, J.: Long-Term Culture of Adult Rat Liver Epithelial Cells, Exp Cell Res 89, 139, 1974
Rat Rat, Fischer, 10 day Epithelial-like Trypsin: 0.25%
PBS Williams, G., Weisburger, E., and Weisburger, J.: Isolation and Long-Term Cell Culture of Epithelial-Like Cells from Rat Liver, Exp Cell Res 69, 106, 1971