Tissue Dissociation References
Tissue Type: Nasal

Nasal: Human
  • Human
Yankaskas, J., Cotton, C., Knowles, M., Gatzy, J., and Boucher, R.: Culture of Human Nasal Epithelial Cells on Collagen Matrix Supports, Am Rev Respir Dis 132, 1281, 1985
Cells:     Epithelial cells
Enzyme(s)    Protease Type XIV: 0.1%
Medium    Eagle's MEM

Nasal: Human
  • Eight male and four females, 24-61 yrs old
Wiesel, J., Gamiel, H., Isreal, V., Gay, I., and Bassat, H.: Cell Attachment, Growth Characteristics and Surface Morphology of Human Upper-Respiratory Tract Epithelium Cultured on Extracellular Matrix, Eur J Clin Invest 13, 57, 1983
Cells:     Epithelial cells
Enzyme(s)    Dextran T-40
Medium    RPMI 1640

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