Pancreas - Tissue Tables

SpeciesSpecies DetailCellsEnzyme(s)Medium Reference
Bovine Bovine Duct epithelial Collagenase: 0.1%
HEPES Cotton, C., and Al-Nakkash, L.: Isolation and Culture of Bovine Pancreatic Duct Epithelial cells, Am J Physiol 272, G1328, 1997
Bovine Bovine (Bos taurus) Ductal Neutral Protease: 0.05%
EBSS Sato, T., Sato, M., Hudson, E., and Jones, R.: Characterization of Bovine Pancreatic Ductal Cells Isolated by a Perfusion-Digestion Technique, In Vitro 19, 651, 1983
Bovine Bovine Platelets Trypsin:
(see reference) Stiles, G., and Lefkowitz, R.: Hormone-Sensitive Adneylate Cyclase, J Biol Chem 257 (11), 6287, 1982
Canine Canine Buccal ganglia; SLT muscle Trypsin: 0.2%
DMEM Zoran, M., Doyle, R. and Haydon, P.: Target Contact Regulates the Calcium Responsiveness of the Secretory Machinery During Synaptogenesis, Neuron 6, 145, 1991
Canine Canine, adult mongrel, 15-25 kg Islets Collagenase Type 4: 600-1100 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 10 ug/ml
RPMI 1640 Noel, J., Rabinovitch, A., Olson, L., Kyriakides, G., Miller, J., and Mintz, D.: A Method for Large-Scale, High-Yield Isolation of Canine Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans, Metabolism 31 (2), 184, 1982
Fish Fish, Osphronemus gourami, 3-month-old, 0.5 mg Islets Collagenase: 0.12 - 0.46 u/ml
RPMI 1640 Schrezenmeir, J., Laue, C., Sternheim,E., Wolbert, K., Darquy, S., Chicheportiche, D., Kirchgessner, J., and Reach, G.: Long-Term Function of Single-Cell Preparations of Piscine Principal Islets in Hollow Fibers, Transplant Proc 24 (6), 2941, 1992
Guinea-Pig Guinea-pig Acinar Collagenase Type 3: 60 u/ml
Kreb's Ringer Schultz, G., Sarras, Jr, M., Gunther, G., Hull, B., Alicea, H., Gorelick, F., and Jamieson, J.: Guinea Pig Pancreatic Acini Prepared with Purified collagenase, Exp Cell Res 130, 49, 1980
Guinea-Pig Guinea-pig, Hartley, albino, male, 350-400 g Acinar Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
Kreb's Ringer Gardner, J., Conlon, T., Klaeveman, H., Adams, T., and Ondetti, M.: Action of Cholecystokinin and Cholinergic Agents on Calcium Transport in Isolated Pancreatic Acinar Cells, J Clin Invest 56, 366, 1975
Guinea-Pig Guinea-pig Exocrine Hyaluronidase: 0.15% - 0.2%
Kreb's Ringer Amsterdam, J., and Jamieson, J.: Structural and Functional Characterization of Isolated Pancreatic Exocrine Cells, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 69 (10), 3028, 1972
Hamster Hamster Islets Collagenase Type 4: 1.3% - 2.0%
HBSS Feldman, J., and Chapman, B.: Preparation of Islets of Langerhans from Rabbits and Hamsters by the Collagenase Digestion Technique, Acta Diabetol 12, 208, 1975
Human Human Islets Collagenase Type 1: 1,600u/isolation
Neutral Protease: 200 u/isolation
Deoxyribonuclease I: 12,000 u/isolation
RPMI Brissova, M., Haliyur, R., Saunders, D., Shrestha, S., Dai, C., Blodgett, D., Bottino, R., Campbell-Thompson, M., Aramandla, R., Poffenberger, G., Lindner, J., Pan, F., von Herrath, M., Greiner, D. and Shultz, L.: α Cell Function and Gene Expression Are Compromised in Type 1 Diabetes., Cell Rep 22, 2667-2676, 2018
Human Human Acinar CLSPA: 200 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
See Reference Cane, M., Sutton, R. and Criddle, D.: Isolation of Human Pancreatic Acinar Cells From Rat and Human Pancreas, Pancreapedia 20, 1, 2011
Human Human Pancreatic cancer stem cells Collagenase Type 4: 200 u/ml
medium 199 Li, C., Heidt, D., Dalerba, P., Burant, C., Zhang, L., Adsay, V., Wicha, M., Clarke, M. and Simeone, D.: Identification of Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells., Cancer Res 67, 1030, 2007
Human Human, 25-55 yrs old
(also porcine)
Islets Collagenase: 0.4%
HBSS Contractor, H., Johnson, P., Chadwick, D., Robertson, G., and London, N.: The Effect of UW Solution and its Components on the Collagenase Digestion of Human and Porcine Pancreas, Cell Transplant 4, 615, 1995
Human Human Islets Trypsin: Trypsin: 0.125-0.25%
Collagenase: 0.2%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 200 u/ml
Eurocollins solution Watt, P., Mullen, Y., Benhamou, P., Hober, C., Nomura, Y., Watanabe, Y., Passaro, E., Zinner, M., and Brunicardi, F.: Simplified Semiautomated Method For Isolating Islets From the Human Pancreas, Transplant Proc 26 (2), 582, 1994
Human Human, adult organ donors Islets Collagenase: 0.6%
Eurocollins solution Warnock, G., Rajotte, R., Evans, M., Ellis, D., DeGroot, T., and Dawidson, I.: Isolation of Islets of Langerhans Following Cold Storage of Human Pancreas, Transplant Proc XIX (4), 3466, 1987
Human Human Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.8%
HBSS Izumi, R., Konishi, K., Ueno, K., Shimizu, K., Hirosawa, H., Takahashi, N., and Miyazaki, I.: Isolation of Human Pancreatic Islets from Cryopreserved Pancreas, Transplant Proc XVII, 383, 1985
Human Human Islets Collagenase (1 or 4): 0.60%
HBSS Gray, D., McShane, P., Grant, A., and Morris, P.: A Method for Isolation of Islets of Langerhans from the Human Pancreas, Diabetes 33, 1055, 1984
Human Human, infant, age 1 day-1 year Islets Collagenase: 170-210 u/ml
HBSS Sutherland, D., Matas, A., Steffes, M., and Najarian, J.: Infant Human Pancreas: A Potential Source of Islet Tissue for Transplantation, Diabetes 25 (12), 1123, 1976
Monkey Monkey, 3-5 Kg Islets Hyaluronidase: 0.05%
HBSS Scharp, D., Murphy, J., Newton, W., Ballinger, W., and Lacy, P.: Application of an Improved Isolation Technique for Islet Transplantation in Primates and Rats, Transplant Proc 7, 739, 1975
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
HBSS Low, L., Zavortink, M., Mitchell, J., Gan, W., Do, O., Schwiening, C., Gaisano, H. and Thorn, P.: Insulin Secretion from Beta Cells in Intact Mouse Islets is Targeted Towards the Vasculature, Diabetologia 57, 1655, 2014
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase: 0.1-0.25%
HBSS Koh, D., Moody, M. and Jo, J.: Collection of Islets of Langerhans using an Equilibrium Method., Biotechniques 55, 34-7, 2013
Mouse Mouse, 8-12 week Pancreas organoid Collagenase: 0.012%
Neutral Protease: 0.012%
DMEM Huch, M., Bonfanti, P., Boj, S., Sato, T., Loomans, C., Van de Wetering, M., Sojoodi, M., Li, V., Schuijers, J., Gracanin, A., Ringnalda, F., Begthel, H., Hamer, K., Mulder, J., Van Es, J. and De Koning, E.: Unlimited In Vitro Expansion of Adult Bi-Potent Pancreas Progenitors Through the Lgr5/R-Spondin Axis., EMBO J 32, 2708-21, 2013
Mouse Mouse, embryonic Pancreatic progenitor Neutral Protease: 0.125%
DMEM Greggio, C., De Franceschi, F., Figueiredo-Larsen, M., Gobaa, S., Ranga, A., Semb, H., Lutolf, M. and Grapin-Botton, A.: Artificial Three-Dimensional Niches Deconstruct Pancreas Development In Vitro., Development 140, 4452-62, 2013
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase: 0.2%
RPMI 1640 Bertera, S., Balamurugan, A., Bottino, R., He, J. and Trucco, M.: Increased Yield and Improved Transplantation Outcome of Mouse Islets with Bovine Serum Albumin., J Transplant 2012, 856386, 2012
Mouse Mouse Islet Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
RPMI-1640 Ding, G., Wang, F., Shu, J., Tian, S., Jiang, Y., Zhang, D., Wang, N., Luo, Q., Zhang, Y., Jin, F., Leung, P., Sheng, J. and Huang, H.: Transgenerational Glucose Intolerance with Igf2/H19 Epigenetic Alterations in Mouse Islet Induced by Intrauterine Hyperglycemia., Diabetes 61, 1133-42, 2012
Mouse Mouse, 10 week Islets Collagenase: 0.2%
RPMI 1640 Kobayashi, T., Yamaguchi, T., Hamanaka, S., Kato-Itoh, M., Yamazaki, Y., Ibata, M., Sato, H., Lee, Y., Usui, J., Knisely, A., Hirabayashi, M. and Nakauchi, H.: Generation of Rat Pancreas in Mouse by Interspecific Blastocyst Injection of Pluripotent Stem Cells., Cell 142, 787, 2010
Mouse Mouse, 6-8 month Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
HBSS Taguchi, Y., Tasaki, Y., Terakado, K., Kobayashi, K., Machida, T. and Kobayashi, T.: Impaired Insulin Secretion from the Pancreatic Islets of Hypothyroidal Growth-Retarded Mice., J Endocrinol 206, 195-204, 2010
Mouse Mouse, adult, male Ancinar CLSPA: see reference
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.001%
DMEM Ji, B., Gaiser, S., Chen, X., Ernst, S. and Logsdon, C.: Intracellular Trypsin Induces Pancreatic Acinar Cell Death but not NF-KappaB Activation., J Biol Chem 284, 17488, 2009
Mouse Mouse, 3-4 week, 20-24 g Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
RPMI 1540 Huang, H., Xie, Q., Kang, M., Zhang, B., Zhang, H., Chen, J., Zhai, C., Yang, D., Jiang, B. and Wu, Y.: Labeling Transplanted Mice Islet with Polyvinylpyrrolidone Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for In Vivo Detection By Magnetic Resonance Imaging., Nanotechnology 20, 365101, 2009
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase: 1,000 u/ml
RPMI 1640 Li, D., Yuan, Y., Tu, H., Liang, Q. and Dai, L.: A Protocol for Islet Isolation from Mouse Pancreas., Nat Protoc 4, 1649, 2009
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase: 0.14%
RPMI 1640 Carter, J., Dula, S., Corbin, K., Wu, R. and Nunemaker, C.: A Practical Guide to Rodent Islet Isolation and Assessment., Biol Proced Online 11, 3, 2009
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase: 0.03-0.08%
RPMI 1640 Szot, G., Koudria, P. and Bluestone, J.: Murine Pancreatic Islet Isolation., J Vis Exp 7, 255, 2007
Mouse Mouse, 6-10 month Pancreatic ductal CLSPA: 50 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 400 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.02%
DMEM Wang, Y., Soyombo, A., Shcheynikov, N., Zeng, W., Dorwart, M., Marino, C., Thomas, P. and Muallem, S.: Slc26a6 Regulates CFTR Activity In Vivo to Determine Pancreatic Duct HCO3- Secretion: Relevance to Cystic Fibrosis., EMBO J 25, 5049, 2006
Mouse Mouse, adult Acinar CLSPA: 200 u/ml
see reference Voronina, S., Barrow, S., Gerasimenko, O., Petersen, O. and Tepikin, A.: Effects of Secretagogues and Bile Acids on Mitochondrial Membrane Potential of Pancreatic Acinar Cells: Comparison of Different Modes of Evaluating Delta Psi., J Biol Chem 279, 27327, 2004
Mouse Mouse, 11-12 week Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
RPMI Astrof, S., Crowley, D., George, E., Fukuda, T., Sekiguchi, K., Hanahan, D. and Hynes, R.: Direct Test of Potential Roles of EIIIA and EIIIB Alternatively Spliced Segments of Fibronectin in Physiological and Tumor Angiogenesis., Mol Cell Biol 24, 8662-70, 2004
Mouse Mouse Pancreatic islet Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
HBSS Haefliger Jacques-Antoine, Tawadros Thomas, Meylan Laure, Gurun SabineLe, Roehrich Marc-Estienne, Martin David, Thorens Bernard, Waeber Gerard: The scaffold protein IB1/JIP-1 is a critical mediator of cytokine-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells, J Cell Sci 116, 1463-9, 2003
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
HBSS Wu Yulian, Han Bing, Luo Hongyu, Roduit Raphael, Salcedo TheodoraW, Moore PaulA, Zhang Jun, Wu Jiangping: DcR3/TR6 effectively prevents islet primary nonfunction after transplantation, Diabetes 52, 2279-86, 2003
Mouse Mouse, BALB/c, 6-8 week-old, either sex Acinar Collagenase: 0.1%
Waymouth's MB Kurup, S., and Bhonde, R.: Analysis and Optimization of Nutritional Set-up for Murine Pancreatic Acinar Cells, JOP 3 (1), 8, 2002
Mouse Mouse Islets Collagenase Type 2: 0.2%
CF Medium Koster, J., Marshall, B., Ensor, N., Corbett, J., and Nichols, C.: Targeted Overativity of Cell KATP Channels Induces Profound Neonatal Diabetes, Cell 100, 645, 2000
Mouse Mouse Pancreatic islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.4%
Gey's BSS Strowski M, Parmar R, Blake A, Schaeffer J: Somatostatin inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion via two receptors subtypes: an in vitro study of pancreatic islets from somatostatin receptor 2 knockout mice, Endocrinology 141, 111-7, 2000
Mouse Mouse Acinar cells and acini Collagenase Type 1: see reference
CLSPA: see reference
see reference Toivola, D., Ku, N., Ghori, N., Lowe, A., Michie, S. and Omary, M.: Effects of Keratin Filament Disruption on Exocrine Pancreas-Stimulated Secretion and Susceptibility to Injury., Exp Cell Res 255, 156, 2000
Mouse Mouse, albino, 25 g Acinar CLSPA: see reference
see reference Fogarty, K., Kidd, J., Tuft, R. and Thorn, P.: A Bimodal Pattern of InsP(3)-Evoked Elementary Ca(2+) Signals in Pancreatic Acinar Cells., Biophys J 78, 2298, 2000
Mouse Mouse Duct Papain: 25 u/ml
DMEM /F-12 Githens, S: Pancreatic Duct Epithelial Cells,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12B:12.1, 1995
Mouse Mouse Acinar Collagenase: 100 u/ml
HEPES Jauch, P., Peterson, O., and Lauger, P.: Electrogenic Properties of the Na-Alanine Cotransporter in Acinar Cells, J Membr Biol 94, 99, 1986
Mouse Mouse (C57BL/6J-ob/ob), 9-12 wks, male Islets Hyaluronidase: 0.5%
Kreb's Ringer bicarbonate buffer Dalpe-Scott, M., Heick, H., and Begin-Heick, N.: Secretion in the Obese (ob/ob) Mouse. The Effect of Oxytetracycline on Insulin Release, Diabetes 32, 932, 1983
Mouse Mouse, male, 18-24 g Acinar CLSPA: 70-90 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
Krebs-Henseleit Burnham DB, Williams JA: Effects of carbachol, cholecystokinin, and insulin on protein phosphorylation in isolated pancreatic acini, J Biol Chem 257, 10523-8, 1982
Mouse Mouse, 7-10 week Islets Collagenase: see reference
DMEM Yesil, P, Michel, M., Chwalek, K., Pedack, S., Jany, C., Ludwig, B., Bornstein, S. and Lammert, E.: A New Collagenase Blend Increases the Number of Islets Isolated from Mouse Pancreas., Islets 1, 185,
Porcine Porcine, juvenile Islets Collagenase: see reference
Univ of Wisconsin solution Van der Burg Michael P M, Graham John M: Iodixanol Density Gradient Preparation in University of Wisconsin solution for porcine islet purification, ScientificWorldJournal 3, 1154-9, 2003
Porcine Porcine, 3 month, 15-20 kg Acinar Collagenase Type 3: 200 u/ml
RPMI 1640 Zhao, X., Han, J., and Tang, C.: Primary Culture of Porcine Pancreatic Acinar Cells, JOP 2 (2), 78, 2001
Porcine Porcine, 1-3 year, 1.5-2.0 kg, either sex Islets Collagenase: 0.25%
HBSS Korbutt, G., Elliott, J., Ao, Z., Smith, D., Warnock, G., and Rajotte, R.: Large Scale Isolation, Growth, and Function of Porcine Neonatal Islet Cells, J Clin Invest 97 (9), 2119, 1996
Porcine Porcine, female Islets Collagenase: 0.1%
HBSS Brandhorst, D., Brandhorst, H., Hering, B., Federlin, K., and Bretzel, R.: Islet Isolation from the Pancreas of Large Mammals and Humans: 10 Years of Experience, Exp Clin Endocrinol 103, 3, 1995
Porcine Porcine Islets Collagenase: 0.1%-0.2%
HBSS Johnson, P., van Suylichem, P., Roberts, D., Vos-Scheperkeuter, G., White, S., van Schlifgaarde, R., London, N.: Design of a Simple, in vitro Method for Evaluation of the Efficiency of Crude Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase and its Components for Porcine Islet Isolation, Xenotransplantation 2, 165, 1995
Porcine Porcine, <2 year, 200-250 kg Islets Collagenase: 0.1%
HBSS Heiser, A., Ulrichs, K., and Muller-Ruchholtz, W.: Isolation of Porcine Pancreatic Islets: Low Trypsin Activity During the Isolation Procedure Guarantees Reproducible High Islet Yields, J Clin Lab Anal 8, 407, 1994
Porcine Porcine, 10-36 months, 200-300 kg Islets Collagenase: 0.2%
HBSS Ricordi, C., Socci, C., Davalli, A., Staudacher, C., Baro, P., Vertova, A., Sassi, I., Gavazzi, F., Pozza, G., and Di Carlo, V.: Isolation of the Elusive Pig Islet, Surgery 107 (6), 688, 1990
Porcine Porcine Acinar Collagenase: 100 u/ml
Saline Iwatsuki, N., and Peterson, O.: Action of Tetraethylammonium on Calcium-Activated Potassim Channels in Pig Pancreatic Acinar Cells Studied by Patch-Clamp Single-Channel and Whole-Cell Current Recording, J Membr Biol 86, 139, 1985
Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, Male/Female, 2-3 Kg Acinar Hyaluronidase: 0.2%
Kreb's Ringer bicarbonate buffer Renckens, B., Schrijen, J., Swarts, H., DePont, J., and Bonting, S.: Role of Calcium in Exocrine Pancreatic Secretion. IV. Calcium Movements in Isolated Acinar Cells of Rabbit Pancreas, Biochim Biophys Acta 544, 338, 1978
Rabbit Rabbit, also hamster Islets Collagenase Type 4: 1.3% - 2.0%
HBSS Feldman, J., and Chapman, B.: Preparation of Islets of Langerhans from Rabbits and Hamsters by the Collagenase Digestion Technique, Acta Diabetol 12, 208, 1975
Rat Rat, SD, adult Acinar Collagenase: 0.01%
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.001%
Culture media Li, J., Zhou, R., Bie, B., Huang, N., Guo, Y., Chen, H., Shi, M., Yang, J., Zhang, J. and Li, Z.: Emodin and Baicalein Inhibit Sodium Taurocholate-Induced Vacuole Formation in Pancreatic Acinar Cells., World J Gastroenterol 24, 35-45, 2018
Rat Rat, Wistar, 300g Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
CMRL 1066 Verga Falzacappa, C., Mangialardo, C., Raffa, S., Mancuso, A., Piergrossi, P., Moriggi, G., Piro, S., Stigliano, A., Torrisi, M., Brunetti, E., Toscano, V. and Misiti, S.: The Thyroid Hormone T3 Improves Function and Survival of Rat Pancreatic Islets During In Vitro Culture., Islets 2, 96, 2010
Rat Rat Acinar CLSPA: 100 u/ml
DMEM Williams, J.: Isolation of Rodent Pancreatic Acinar Cells and Acini by Collagenase Digestion, Pancreapedia , , 2010
Rat Rat, adult Islets Collagenase Type 1: 450 u/ml
Leibowitz L-15 Williams, J., Huang, H., Kover, K., Moore, W., Berkland, C., Singh, M., Smirnova, I., MacGregor, R. and Stehno-Bittel, L.: Reduction of Diffusion Barriers in Isolated Rat Islets Improves Survival, but not Insulin Secretion or Transplantation Outcome., Organogenesis 6, 115, 2010
Rat Rat, male, 7-11 week Islets Collagenase Type 4: see reference
RPMI 1640 Getty-Kaushik, L., Richard, A., Deeney, J., Shirihai, O. and Corkey, B.: The CB1 Antagonist Rimonabant Decreases Insulin Hypersecretion in Rat Pancreatic Islets, Obesity 17, 1856, 2009
Rat Rat Islets Collagenase Type 1: 450 u/ml
RPMI 1640 MacGregor, R., Williams, S., Tong, P., Kover, K., Moore, W. and Stehno-Bittel, L.: Small Rat Islets are Superior to Large Islets in In Vitro Function and in Transplantation Outcomes., Am J Physiol/Endo 290, E771, 2006
Rat Rat, Wistar, male, 250-400g Pancreatic islets Collagenase: 0.75%
RPMI 1640 Tian XH, Xue WJ, Ding XM, Pang XL, Teng Y, Tian PX, and Feng XS: Small intestinal submucosa improves islet survival and function during in vitro culture, World J Gastroenterol 11, 7378, 2005
Rat Rat, 250-350 g Pancreatic islet Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
HBSS Haefliger Jacques-Antoine, Tawadros Thomas, Meylan Laure, Gurun SabineLe, Roehrich Marc-Estienne, Martin David, Thorens Bernard, Waeber Gerard: The scaffold protein IB1/JIP-1 is a critical mediator of cytokine-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells, J Cell Sci 116, 1463-9, 2003
Rat Rat Pancreatic acini CLSPA: 30 u/ml
Collagenase Type 4: 30 u/ml
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
M199 Blinman TA, Gukovsky I, Mouria M, Zaninovic V, Livingston E, Pandol SJ, Gukovskaya AS: Activation of pancreatic acinar cells on isolation from tissue: cytokine upregulation via p38 MAP kinase, Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 279, C1993-2003, 2000
Rat Rat, SD, male Ancinar CLSPA: see reference
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
DMEM Ji B, Kopin AS, Logsdon CD: Species differences between rat and mouse CCKA receptors determine the divergent acinar cell response to the cholecystokinin analog JMV-180, J Biol Chem 275, 19115-20, 2000
Rat Rat Islets Collagenase: 126 - 196 u/ml
HBSS Verspohl, E., and Wienecke, A.: The Role of Protein Kinase C in the Desensitization of Rat Pancreatic Islets to Chrolinergic stimulation, J Endocrinol 159, 287, 1998
Rat Rat Islets Collagenase: 0.5 - 0.9%
HBSS Takaki, R and Ono J: Culture of Pancreatic Islet Cells,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12B:11.1, 1995
Rat Rat Duct Papain: 25 u/ml
DMEM /F-12 Githens, S: Pancreatic Duct Epithelial Cells,Cell & Tissue Culture: Laboratory Procedures Vol. 1,Doyle, A., Griffiths, J., and Newell, D., John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 12B:12.1, 1995
Rat Rat, SD, male, 40 - 100 g Acinar Hyaluronidase: 462 u/ml
Ham's F12 Hirschi, K., Kenny, S., Justice, J., Brannon, P.: Effects of Secretin And Caerulein On Enzymes Of Cultured Pancreatic Acinar Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27, 660, 1991
Rat Rat, SD, male, 100 - 150 g Parotid acinar Trypsin: 0.001%
F12 medium Yeh, C., Mertz, P., Oliver, C., Baum, B., and Kousvelari, E.: Cellular Characteristics of Long-Term Cultured Rat Parotid Acinar Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27, 707, 1991
Rat Rat, Wistar, male Parotid acinar Trypsin: 0.02%
Solution B
(See reference)
Foskett, J., Roifman, C. and Wong, D.: Activation of Calcium Oscillations by Thapsigargin in Parotid Acinar Cells, J Biol Chem 266, 2778, 1991
Rat Rat, S-Wistar, male, 230 - 270 g
(also mouse, 6 - 8 wk old)
Islets Collagenase: 0.1% - 0.2%
HBSS Ohzato, H., Gotoh, M., Monden, M., Dono, K., Kanai, T., and Mori, T.: Improvement in the Islet Yield From a Cold-Preserved Pancreas by Pancreatic Ductal Collagenase Distention at the Time of Harvesting, Transplantation 51, 566, 1991
Rat Rat, SD, both sexes, 6-20 wks old Interlobular ducts Papain: 25 u/ml
DMEM/Ham's F-12 Githens, S., Schexnayder, J., Desai, K., and Patke, C.: Rat Pancreatic Interlobular Duct Epithelium: Isolation and Culture in Collagen Gel, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 25 (8), 679, 1989
Rat Rat, SD, male, 150 - 200 g Acinar Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
HEPES Menozzi, D., Sato, S., Jensen, R., and Gardner, J.: Cyclic GMP Does Not Inhibit Protein Kinase C-Mediated Enzyme Secretion in Rat Pancreatic Acini, J Biol Chem 264, 995, 1989
Rat Rat, Wistar, male, 250 - 350 g Acinar, parotid Hyaluronidase: 0.015%
Earle's MEM Melvin, J., Kawaguchi, M., Baum, B., and Turner, R.: A Muscarinic Agonist-Stimulated Chloride Efflux Pathway is Associated With Fluid Secretion in Rat Parotid Acinar Cells, Biochem Biophys Res Commun 145, 754, 1987
Rat Rat, SD, male, 50 - 125 g Acinar
Exorbital lacrimal, parotid, pancreas
Trypsin: 0.01%
HBSS, CMF Oliver, C., Waters, J., Tolbert, C., and Kleinman, H.: Growth of Exocrine Acinar Cells on a Reconstituted Basement Membrane Gel, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 23, 465, 1987
Rat Rat, Fischer-344, either sex, 120-150 g Epithelial Trypsin: 0.1%
Ham's F-12/HBSS
(see reference)
Tsao, M., and Duguid, W.: Establishment of Propagable Epithelial Cell Lines From Normal Adult Rat Pancreas, Exp Cell Res 168, 365, 1987
Rat Rat, 200-350 g Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.2%
HBSS Gotoh, M., Maki, T., Satomi, S., Porter, J., Bonner-Weir, S., O'Hara, C., and Monaco, A.: Reproducible High Yield of Rat Islets By Stationary In Vitro Digestion Following Pancreatic Ductal or Portal Venous Collagenase Injection, Transplantation 43 (5), 725, 1987
Rat Rat, SD, male, 42 - 48 day, 175 - 200 g Acinar, submandibular gland Hyaluronidase: 0.1 %
HBSS, CF Quissell, D., Redman, R., and Mark, M.: Short-Term Primary Culture of Acinar-Intercalated Duct Complexes From Rat Submandibular Glands, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 22, 469, 1986
Rat Rat, Dark Agouti and Lewis rat donors, adult Islets Collagenase Type 1: 0.3%
Hank's solution Sutton, R., Peters, M., McShane, P., Gray, D., and Morris, P.: An Improved Method for the Isolation of Islets of Langerhans From the Adult Rat Pancreas, Transplant Proc XVII (6), 1819, 1986
Rat Rat, SD, male, 50-75 g Acinar Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
(see reference)
Brannon, P., Orrison, B., and Kretchmer, N.: Primary Cultures of Rat Pancreatic Acinar Cells in Serum-Free Medium, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 21 (1), 6, 1985
Rat Rat, SD, 125 - 350 g Duct Trypsin: 0.01%
HBSS Githens, S., Holmquist, D., Whelan, J., and Ruby, J.: Ducts of the Rat Pancreas in Agarose Matrix Culture, In Vitro 16, 797, 1980
Rat Rat Exocrine Hyaluronidase: 0.9%
Kreb's Ringer Schulz, I., Heil, K., Kribben, A., Sachs, G., and Haase, W.: Isolation and Functional Characterization of Cells From the Exocrine Pancreas,Biology of Normal and Cancerous Exocrine Pancreatic Cells,Ribet, A., Pradayrol, L., and Susini, C., Elsevier, , 1980
Rat Rat, Wistar, male Islets Collagenase Type 4: 1%
Medium 199 Katada, T., and Ui, M.: Enhanced Insulin Secretion and Cyclic Amp Accumulation in Pancreatic Islets Due to Activation of Native Calcium Ionophores, J Biol Chem 254 (2), 469, 1979
Rat Rat, SD, male, 250 - 350 g
(also mouse, white, Swiss, male, 20 - 24 g)
Acinar Hyaluronidase: 0.18%
Kreb's Henseleit bicarbonate buffer Williams, J., Korc, M., and Dormer, R.: Action of Secretagogues on a New Preparation of Functionally Intact, Isolated Pancreatic Acini, Am J Physiol 235, 517, 1978
Rat Rat, Wistar, male, 300-350 g Islets Collagenase: 0.2%
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Rat Rat, Wistar, male, 200 - 300 g Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.5%
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Rat Rat, Wistar-Lewis, fetal 18-20 day gestation
(also neonatal 3-12 day old)
Islets Collagenase Type 4: 0.63%
(see reference)
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Collagenase: 40-50 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 0.10%
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Rat Rat, male, albino, 200-300 g Islets Collagenase: 0.5%
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Rat Rat, Wistar, albino, male, 400 - 500 g Islets Collagenase Type 4: 1.0% - 1.2%
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Rat Rat Ascites hepatoma Trypsin: 0.1%
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