Reproductive - Tissue Tables

SpeciesSpecies DetailCellsEnzyme(s)Medium Reference
Bovine Bovine Corpus leuteal cells Collagenase Type 4: 420 u/ml
M-199 Levy N, Gordin M, Mamluk R, Yanagisawa M, Smith M F, Hampton J H, Meidan R: Distinct cellular localization and regulation of endothelin-1 and endothelin-converting enzyme-1 expression in the bovine corpus luteum: implications for luteolysis, Endocrinology 142, 5254-60, 2001
Bovine Bovine, female Leuteal Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
Ham's F-12 Tsang PC, Poff JP, Boulton EP, Condon WA: Four-day-old bovine corpus luteum: progesterone production and identification of matrix metalloproteinase activity in vitro, Biol Reprod 53, 1160-8, 1995
Bovine Calf, mid to late gestational Fibroblasts Collagenase: 0.1%
Medium 199 Coplen, D., Howard, P., Duckett, J., Snyder, H., and Macarak, E.: Characterization of a Fibroblast Cell From the Urinary Bladder Wall, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 30A, 604, 1994
Bovine Bovine Epithelial
Collagenase Type 2: 0.1%
DMEM/EBSS Munson, L., Chandler, S., and Schlafer, D.: Long-Term Culture of Bovine Trophoblastic Cells, J Tiss Cul Meth 11 (3), 123, 1988
Bovine Bovine
(also porcine, human)
Interna & corpus luteum
Pronase: 0.1%
Moscona's BSS Marcus, G., Connor, L., Domingo, M., Tsang, B., Downey, B., and Ainsworth, L.: Enzymatic Dissociation of Ovarian and Uterine Tissues, Endocr Res 10, 151, 1984
Canine Canine Amniotic membrane MSC Trypsin: 0.25%
Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
LG-DMEM Park, S., Seo, M., Kim, H. and Kang, K.: Isolation and Characterization of Canine Amniotic Membrane-Derived Multipotent Stem Cells., PLoS ONE 7, e44693, 2012
Chicken Chicken, Gallus Domesticus,20-30 week Primary follicles Trypsin: 0.15%
Collagenase Type 1: 0.125%
Dulbecco's phosphate buffered saline Du Meihong, Han Haitang, Jiang Bin, Zhao Chen, Qian Changsong, Shen Haiyan, Xu Yan, Li Zandong: An efficient isolation method for domestic hen (Gallus domesticus) ovarian primary follicles, J Reprod Dev 52, 569-76, 2006
Fish Sebastes Schlegel Ovarian Collagenase Type 1: 500 u/ml
L-15 Ryu, J., Kim, H., Bae, S., Jung, C. and Gong, S.: Isolation and in Vitro Culture of Primary Cell Populations Derived from Ovarian Tissues of the Rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli, Fish Aquatic Sci 19, , 2016
Frog Xenopus Laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
Barth's solution Nicoll, G, Jawad, A., Weymouth, R, Zhang, H. and Beg, A.: Pharmacological characterization of the excitatory ‘Cys-loop’ GABA receptor family in Caenorhabditis elegans, Br J Pharmacol 174, 781, 2017
Frog Xenopus laevis Oocytes Collagenase: 0.2%
Barth's solution Chatzidaki, A., D'Oyley, J., Gill-Thind, J., Sheppard, T. and Millar, N.: The Influence of Allosteric Modulators and Transmembrane Mutations on Desensitisation and Activation of alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors., Neuropharmacol 97, 75-85, 2015
Frog Xenopus Oocytes Collagenase Type 2: 0.2%
see reference O'Connell, D., Mruk, K., Rocheleau, J. and Kobertz, W.: Xenopus laevis Oocytes Infected with Multi-drug-resistant Bacteria: Implications for Electrical Recordings., J Gen Physiol 138, 271-7, 2011
Frog Xenopus laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase: 0.2%
see reference Mruk, K. and Kobertz, W.: Discovery of a Novel Activator of KCNQ1-KCNE1 K Channel Complexes., PLoS ONE 4, e4236, 2009
Frog Xenopus laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase: 0.5%
Barth's solution, CF Cohen, S., Au, S. and Pante, N.: Microinjection of Xenopus Laevis Oocytes., J Vis Exp 24, 1106, 2009
Frog Xenopus laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
see reference Pannaccione Anna, Castaldo Pasqualina, Ficker Eckhard, Annunziato Lucio, Taglialatela Maurizio: Histidines 578 and 587 in the S5-S6 linker of the human Ether-a-gogo Related Gene-1 K+ channels confer sensitivity to reactive oxygen species, J Biol Chem 277, 8912-9, 2002
Frog Xenopus laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
CF Medium Alagem, N., Dvir, M., and Reuveny, E.: Mechanism of Ba2+ Block of a Mouse Inwardly Rectifying K+ Channel: Differential Contribution by Two Discrete Residues, J Physiol 534 (2), 381, 2001
Frog Xenopus Oocytes Collagenase Type 1: 1%
(see reference) Tian, J., Kim, S., Heilig, E., and Ruderman, J.: Identification of XPR-1, A Progesterone Receptor Required for Xenopus Oocyte Activation, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97, 14358, 2000
Frog Xenopus laevis, female Oocytes Collagenase: 0.1%
Barth's solution, CF Karkanias, N, and Papke, R.: Subtype-Specific Effects of Lithium on Glutamate Receptor Function, J Neurophysiol 81, 1506, 1999
Frog Xenopus laevis, mature female Oocytes Collagenase: 0.2%
CF Medium Moriarty, T., Gillo, B., Carty, D., Premont, R., Landau, E., Iyengar, R.: Beta gamma Subunits of GTP-Binding Proteins Inhibit Muscarinic Receptor Stimulation of Phospholipase C, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 85, 8865, 1988
Hamster Hamster, Chinese Ovary Trypsin: 5%
Dialyzed fetal calf serum, 10% and 0.5M Methotrexate Wallis, R., and Drickamer, K.: Molecular Determinants of Oligomer Formation and Complement Fixation in Mannose-Binding Proteins, J Biol Chem 274 (6), 3580, 1999
Human Human Endometrial epithelial and stromal fibroblasts Collagenase Type 1: 0.32%
Hyaluronidase: 62 u/ml
DMEM Chen, J. and Roan, N.: Isolation and Culture of Human Endometrial Epithelial Cells and Stromal Fibroblasts., Bio Protoc 5, , 2015
Human Human Endometrial stromal Collagenase Type 3: 8 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
DMEM/F-12 Evans, J. and Salamonsen, L.: Decidualized Human Endometrial Stromal Cells are Sensors of Hormone Withdrawal in the Menstrual Inflammatory Cascade., Biol Reprod 90, 14, 2014
Human Human Endothelial colony forming Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.1%
Neutral Protease: 0.075%
HBSS Patel, J., Seppanen, E., Chong, M., Yeo, J., Teo, E., Chan, J., Fisk, N. and Khosrotehrani, K.: Prospective Surface Marker-Based Isolation and Expansion of Fetal Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells from Human Term Placenta., Stem Cells Transl Med 2, 839-47, 2013
Human Human Uterine epithelial Pancreatin: 0.34%
Hyaluronidase: 0.01%
Collagenase: 0.16%
HBSS Patel, M., Ghosh, M., Fahey, J. and Wira, C.: Uterine Epithelial Cells Specifically Induce Interferon-Stimulated Genes in Response to Polyinosinic-Polycytidylic Acid Independently of Estradiol., PLoS ONE 7, e35654, 2012
Human Human Mesenchymal stem Collagenase Type 1: 0.4%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
DMEM/F12 Shalini, V., Pratheep, S., Muhammad, A., Sharmili, V., Elizabeth, G. and Rajesh, R.: Generation and Characterisation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived From Umbilical Cord and Placenta, Regenerative Research 1, 48, 2012
Human Human Mesenchymal stem Collagenase Type 2: 10%
Neutral Protease: see reference
CMF-DPBS Steigman, S. and Fauza, D.: Isolation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Amniotic Fluid and Placenta., Curr Protoc Stem Cell Biol Chapter 1, Unit 1E.2, 2007
Human Human, female Decidual Collagenase: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 6.25 u/ml
DMEM/F12 Lockwood, C., Arcuri, F., Toti, P., Felice, C., Krikun, G., Guller, S., Buchwalder, L. and Schatz, F.: Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Interleukin-1 Beta Regulate Interleukin-8 Expression in Third Trimester Decidual Cells: Implications for the Genesis of Chorioamnionitis., Am J Pathol 169, 1294-302, 2006
Human Human Extravillanous trophoblasts and decidual stromal Trypsin: 0.1-0.25%
Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.02-0.05%
HBSS RPMI Spessotto, P., Bulla, R., Danussi, C., Radillo, O., Cervi, M., Monami, G., Bossi, F., Tedesco, F., Doliana, R. and Colombatti, A.: EMILIN1 Represents a Major Stromal Element Determining Human Trophoblast Invasion of the Uterine Wall., J Cell Sci 119, 4574, 2006
Human Human Sertoli cells Trypsin: 2.5%
Collagenase Type 1: 2%
Hyaluronidase: 1%
DMEM/F-12 Teng Yan, Xue Wu-jun, Ding Xiao-ming, Feng Xin-shun, Xiang He-li, Jiang Ya-zhuo, Tian Pu-xun: Isolation and culture of adult Sertoli cells and their effects on the function of co-cultured allogeneic islets in vitro, Chin Med J (Engl) 118, 1857-62, 2005
Human Human, female Uterine epithelial Pancreatin: 0.34%
Hyaluronidase: 0.01%
Collagenase: 0.16%
HBSS Meter, R., Wira, C. and Fahey, J.: Secretion of Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 by Human Uterine Epithelium Directs Monocyte Migration in Culture., Fertil Steril 84, 191, 2005
Human Human, female, 34-51 yr Endometrial epithelial and stromal cells Collagenase Type 3: 0.03%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.004%
DMEM/F-12 Chan Rachel W S, Schwab Kjiana E, Gargett Caroline E: Clonogenicity of human endometrial epithelial and stromal cells, Biol Reprod 70, 1738-50, 2004
Human Human Endothelial placental Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
Trypsin: 0.2%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.1%
DMEM Wang Xin, Athayde Neil, Trudinger Brian: Microvascular endothelial cell activation is present in the umbilical placental microcirculation in fetal placental vascular disease, Am J Obstet Gynecol 190, 596-601, 2004
Human Human Amnion epithelial and fibroblast Trypsin: 0.125%
Collagenase: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.02%
PBS Sun Kang, Myatt Leslie: Enhancement of glucocorticoid-induced 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 expression by proinflammatory cytokines in cultured human amnion fibroblasts, Endocrinology 144, 5568-77, 2003
Human Human Uterine epithelial cells Pancreatin: 0.34%
Collagenase: 0.16%
Hyaluronidase: 0.16%
HBSS Fahey John V, Wira Charles R: Effect of menstrual status on antibacterial activity and secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor production by human uterine epithelial cells in culture, J Infect Dis 185, 1606-13, 2002
Human Human, embryo Endothelial
Collagenase Type 1/2/4: 0.1%
DMEM Oberlin, E., Tavian, M., Blazsek, I., and Peault, B.: Blood-forming potential of vascular endothelium in the human embryo, Development 129, 4147, 2002
Human Human, female Mesothelial Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.05%
Eagle's MEM Witz Craig A, Allsup Karen T, Montoya-Rodriguez Iris A, Vaughn Shelby L, Centonze Victoria E, Schenken Robert S: Culture of menstrual endometrium with peritoneal explants and mesothelial monolayers confirms attachment to intact mesothelial cells, Hum Reprod 17, 2832-8, 2002
Human Human Stem, embryonic Neutral Protease: 0.01% - 0.02%
DMEM Zhang, S., Wernig, M., Duncan, I., Brustle, O., and Thomson, J.: In Vitro Differentiation of Transplantable Neural Precursors from Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Nat Biotechnol 19, 1129, 2001
Human Human, 20-40 yr Endometrium epithelial and stromal cells Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
HBSS Arnold, J., Kaufman, D., Seppala, M., and Lessey, B.: Endometrial stromal cells regulate epithelial cell grownth in vitro: a new co-culture model, Hum Reprod 16, 836, 2001
Human Human Chorionic villi Trypsin: see reference
Collagenase Type 3: 100 u/ml
HBSS Yusuf RZ, Naeem R: Cytogenetic studies of spontaneous miscarriages: a seven year study to compare significance of primary vs. secondary culture methods for assessment of fetal karyotype yield and maternal cell contamination, Early Pregnancy 5, 121-31, 2001
Human Human Endometrial endothelial cells Collagenase Type 1: 0.2%
McCoys medium Nikitenko LL, MacKenzie IZ,Rees MC, Bicknell R: Adrenomedullin is an autocrine regulator of endothelial growth in human endometrium, Mol Hum Reprod 6, 811, 2000
Human Human, female, 20-40 year Microvascular endothelial cells Collagenase Type 2: 0.2%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0015%
Trypsin: 0.05%
PBS Gargett CE, Bucak K, Rogers PA: Isolation, characterization and long-term culture of human myometrial microvascular endothelial cells, Hum Reprod 15, 293-301, 2000
Human Human, female Endometrial epithelial cells Collagenase Type 3: 45 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: .00035%
DMEM/F-12 Zhang J, Lathbury LJ, Salamonsen LA: Expression of the chemokine eotaxin and its receptor, CCR3, in human endometrium, Biol Reprod 62, 404-11, 2000
Human Human Theca cells Collagenase Type 1: 0.3%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0005%
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
PBS Runesson E, Ivarsson K, Janson P, Brannstrom M: Gonadotropin- and cytokine-regulated expression of the chemokine interleukin 8 in the human preovulatory follicle of the menstrual cycle, J Clin Endocrinol Metab 85, 4387-95, 2000
Human Human Corpus luteum cells Collagenase Type 2: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: .005%
PBS Friden BE, Runesson E, Hahlin M, Brannstrom M: Evidence for nitric oxide acting as a luteolytic factor in the human corpus luteum, Mol Hum Reprod 6, 397-403, 2000
Human Human, females, 25-45 yr Luteal cells Collagenase Type 2: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.005%
PBS Friden BE, Hagstrom H, Lindblom B, Sjoblom P, Wallin A, Brannstrom M, Hahlin M: Cell characteristics and function of two enriched fraction of human luteal cells prolonged culture, Mol Hum Reprod 5, 714-9, 1999
Human Human, female, 25-41 year Follicles Collagenase Type 2: 0.025-0.1%
EBSS Hovatta O, Wright C, Krausz T, Hardy K, Winston RM: Human primordial, primary and secondary ovarian follicles in long-term culture: effect of partial isolation, Hum Reprod 14, 2519-24, 1999
Human Human Placental Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.04%
Collagenase Type 2: 0.1%
PSS Bradbury., R., Sunn, K., Crossley, M., Bai, M., Brown, E., Delbridge, D., and Conigrave, A.: Expression of the Parathyroid Ca 2+ - Sensing Receptor in Cytotrophoblasts From Human Term Placenta, J Endocrinol 156, 425-430, 1998
Human Human, female Endometrial stromal cells Collagenase: 4000 u/ml
DMEM/F-12 Huang JC, Liu DY, Dawood MY: The expression of vascular endothelial growth factor isoforms in cultured human endometrial stromal cells and its regulation by 17beta-oestradiol, Mol Hum Reprod 4, 603-7, 1998
Human Human Stromal endometrial Collagenase Type 3: 45 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: .00035%
DMEM/Ham's F12 Zhang J, Nie G, Jian W, Woolley DE, Salamonsen LA: Mast cell regulation of human endometrial matrix metalloproteinases: A mechanism underlying menstruation, Biol Reprod 59, 693-703, 1998
Human Human Epithelial, fallopian tube Collagenase Type 1: 1%
Medium 199 Takeuchi, K., Maruyama, I., Yamamoto, S., Oki, T., Nagata, Y.: Isolation and Monolayer Culture of Human Fallopian Tube Epithelial Cells, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27, 720, 1991
Human Human Trophoblasts, placental Trypsin: 0.25%
EBSS, CMF Branchaud, C.L., Goodyer, C.G., Guyda, H.J. and Lefebvre, Y.: A Serum-Free System for Culturing Human Placental Trophoblasts, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 865, 1990
Human Human Trophoblasts, placental Trypsin: 0.25%
PBS Jie, Z., Fey, S., Hager, H., Hollsberg, P., Ebbesen, P., and Larsen, P.: Markers For Human Placental Trophoblasts in Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 937, 1990
Human Human Chorionic, placental Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.003%
HBSS Egan, D., Grzegorczyk, V., Tricarico, K., Rueter, A.H., Olleman, W., and Marcotte, P.: Human Placental Chorionic Renin: Production, Purification and Characterization, Biochim Biophys Acta 965, 68, 1988
Human Human, female Endometrial Collagenase: 2%
RPMI 1640 Rinehart, C., Lyn-Cook, B., and Kaufman, D.: Gland formation from human endometrial epithelial cells in vitro, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 24 (10), 1037, 1988
Human Human Placental Trypsin: 0.25%
DMEM Morrish, D., and Siy, O.: Critical Factors in Establishing Monolayer Cultures of Normal Human Placental Cells in Serum-Free Medium, Endocr Res 12 (3), 229, 1986
Human Human
(also porcine, bovine)
Interna & corpus luteum
Pronase: 0.1%
Moscona's BSS Marcus, G., Connor, L., Domingo, M., Tsang, B., Downey, B., and Ainsworth, L.: Enzymatic Dissociation of Ovarian and Uterine Tissues, Endocr Res 10, 151, 1984
Human Human, female, 27-49 years Epithelial
Trypsin: 0.125%
HBSS, CMF Auersperg, N., Siemens, C.H., and Myrdal, S.E.: Human Ovarian Surface Epithelium In Primary Culture, In Vitro 20, 743, 1984
Human Human Epithelial
Collagenase: 0.25%
See reference Siegfried, J., Nelson, K., Martin, J., and Kaufman, D.: Histochemical Identification of Cultured Cells From Human Endometrium, In Vitro 20 (1), 25, 1984
Human Human, infant and neonate Epithelial
Trypsin: 0.1%
HBSS Lechner, J., Babcock, M., Marnell, M., Narayan, K., and Kaighn, M.: Normal Human Prostate Epithelial Cell Cultures, Methods Cell Biol 21, 195, 1980
Human Human, female, 27 years Smooth muscle, uterine Trypsin: 0.05%
EBSS Rifas, L., Fant, J., Makman, M., and Seifter, S.: The Characterization of Human Uterine Smooth Muscle Cells in Culture, Cell Tissue Res 196, 385, 1979
Human Human Epithelial
Collagenase Type 1: 180 u/ml
DMEM Kirk, D., King, R., Heyes, J., Peachey, L., Hirsch, P., and Taylor, W.: Normal Human Edometrium in Cell Culture, In Vitro 14 (8), 651, 1978
Insect Drosophila Ovarian Collagenase Type 2: 0.1%
Grace's Ma, X., Wang, S., Do, T., Song, X., Inaba, M., Nishimoto, Y., Liu, L., Gao, Y., Mao, Y., Li, H., McDowell, W., Park, J., Malanowski, K., Peak, A., Perera, A., Li, H. et al.: Piwi is Required in Multiple Cell Types to Control Germline Stem Cell Lineage Development in the Drosophila Ovary., PLoS ONE 9, e90267, 2014
Insect Drosophila, embryonic Cardiac differentiating Collagenase Type 1: 20 u/ml
Trypsin: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 4 u/ml
Schneider Salmand, P. Iche-Torres, M. and Perrin, L.: Tissue-Specific Cell Sorting from Drosophila Embryos: Application to Gene Expression Analysis.,Fly (Austin) Vol. 5,, , 261,
Monkey Rhesus macaque Follicle Collagenase Type 1: 275 u/m
Deoxyribonuclease I: 585 u/ml
HEPES Xu, J, Lawson, MS, Yeoman, RR, Pau, KY, Barrett, SL, Zelinski, MB and Stouffer, RL: Secondary Follicle Growth and Oocyte Maturation During Encapsulated Three-Dimensional Culture in Rhesus Monkeys: Effects of Gonadotrophins, Oxygen and Fetuin., Hum Reprod 26, 1061-72, 2011
Mouse Mouse, 4 week Trophoblast Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Collagenase Type 2: 0.25%
DMEM Hou, M., Han, J., Li, G., Kwon, M., Jiang, J., Emani, S., Taglauer, E., Park, J., Choi, E., Vodnala, M., Fong, Y., Emani, S., Rosas, I., Perrella, M. and Liu, X.: Multipotency of Mouse Trophoblast Stem Cells, Stem Cell Res Ther 11, 55, 2020
Mouse Mouse, adult Testes Collagenase Type 1: 120 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.1%
Trypsin: 5%
MEM Lee, A, Rusch, J., Lima, A., Usmani, A., Huang, N., Lepamets, M., Vigh-Conrad, K., Worthington, R., et al: Rare Mutations in the Complement Regulatory Gene CSMD1 are Associated with Male and Female Infertility., Nat Commun 10, 4626, 2019
Mouse Mouse, 1-7 day Testicular Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.1%
HBSS Kang, H., Chen, L., Lichti-Kaiser, K., Liao, G., Gerrish, K., Bortner, C., Yao, Hu., Eddy, E. and Jetten, A.: Transcription Factor GLIS3: A New and Critical Regulator of Postnatal Stages of Mouse Spermatogenesis., Stem Cells 34, 2772-2783, 2016
Mouse Mouse, adult Spermatogonial stem Trypsin: 0.05%
Collagenase Type 1: 0.03%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 80 u/ml
DMEM Martin, L. and Seandel, M.: Serial Enrichment of Spermatogonial Stem and Progenitor Cells (SSCs) in Culture for Derivation of Long-Term Adult Mouse SSC Lines., J Vis Exp 72, e50017, 2013
Mouse Mouse Ovarian Collagenase Type 4: 800 u/ml
HBSS White, Y., Woods, D., Takai, Y., Ishihara, O., Seki, H. and Tilly, J.: Oocyte Formation by Mitotically Active Germ Cells Purified from Ovaries of Reproductive-Age Aomen., Nat Med 18, 413, 2012
Mouse Mouse, female Lymphocytes Collagenase: 450 u/ml
RPMI Jiang, J. and Kelly, K.: Isolation of Lymphocytes from Mouse Genital Tract Mucosa., J Vis Exp 67, e4391, 2012
Mouse Mouse Vaginal smooth muscle Collagenase Type 2: 175 u/ml
Elastase: 0.025%
DMEM/F12 Venkataraman, L., Lenis, A., Couri, B., Damaser, M. and Ramarurthi, A: Induced Regenerative Elastic Matrix Repair in LOXL 1 Knockout Mouse Cell Cultures: Towards Potential Therapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse, J Tissue Sci Eng 3, 3, 2012
Mouse Mouse, male Testis, meiotic Collagenase Type 1: 120 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.001%
Trypsin: 0.1%
Gey's BSS Getun, I., Torres, B. and Bois, P.: Flow Cytometry Purification of Mouse Meiotic Cells., J Vis Exp 50, 2602, 2011
Mouse Mouse Zona pellucid free eggs Collagenase: 0.1%
THY-HEPES Yamatoya, K., Ito, C., Araki, M., Furuse, R. and Toshimori, K.: One-Step Collagenase Method for Zona Pellucida Removal in Unfertilized Eggs: Easy and Gentle Method for Large-Scale Preparation., Reprod Med Bio 10, 97-103, 2011
Mouse Mouse Uterine stomal Neutral Protease: 0.6%
Pancreatin: 0.25%
Collagenase Type 3: 0.05%
DMEM/F12 Chen, L., Belton, R. and Nowak, R.: Basigin-Mediated Gene Expression Changes in Mouse Uterine Stromal Cells During Implantation., Endocrinology 150, 966, 2009
Mouse Mouse Germ cells Collagenase Type 1: 100 u/ml
HBSS Breault, D., Min, I., Carlone, D., Farilla, L., Ambruzs, D., Henderson, D., Algra, S., Montgomery, R., Wagers, A. and Hole, N.: Generation of mTert-GFP Mice as a Model to Identify and Study Tissue Progenitor Cells., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105, 10420, 2008
Mouse Mouse, embryonic Hematopoietic stem cells Collagenase: 0.1%
PBS Gekas, C., Rhodes, K. and Mikkola, H.: Isolation and Analysis of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from the Placenta., J Vis Exp 16, e742, 2008
Mouse Mouse, 6 day Sertoli Collagenase Type 2: 500 u/ml
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0005%
DMEM Nalbandian Angele, Dettin Luis, Dym Martin, Ravindranath Neelakanta: Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor receptors during male germ cell differentiation in the mouse, Biol Reprod 69, 985-94, 2003
Mouse Mouse, adult, neonatal and fetal Testicular cells Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
DMEM/F-12 O'Shaughnessy PJ, Fleming LM, Jackson G, Hochgeschwender U, Reed P, Baker PJ: Adrenocorticotropic hormone directly stimulates testosterone production by the fetal and neonatal mouse testis, Endocrinology 144, 3279-84, 2003
Mouse Mouse, male, 3.5 months old Leydig Collagenase: 0.06%
Medium E 199 Faldikova, L., Diblikova, I., Canderle, J., Zraly, Z., Veznik, Z., and Sulcova, A.: Effects of Nutrition, Social Factors and Chronic Stress on the Mouse Leydig Cell Testosterone Production, Vet Med 46 (6), 160, 2001
Mouse Mouse, male, 12-14-week-old Seminiferous tubules Trypsin: 0.05%
DMEM Lin, Q., Sirotkin, A., and Skoultchi, A.: Normal Spermatogenesis in Mice Lacking the Testis-Specific Linker Histone H1t, Mol Cell Biol 20 (6), 2122, 2000
Mouse Mouse, 6-12 day Oocyte-granulosa Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.02%
Waymouth Eppig JJ, O'Brien MJ: Development in vitro of mouse oocytes from primordial follicles, Biol Reprod 54, 197-207, 1996
Mouse Mouse, female,6-8 weeks Uterine Trypsin: 0.2%
Trypsin: 0.2%
HBSS Ghosh, D., Danielson, K., Alston, J., and Heyner, S.: Functional Differentiation of Mouse Uterine Epithelial Cells Grown on Collagen Gels or Reconstituted Basement Membranes, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 713, 1991
Mouse Mouse, female, 21 day, 10-12 g vaginal epithelial Collagenase Type 3: 38 u/ml
DMEM Tsai, P., Uchima, F., Hamamoto, S., and Bern, H.: Proliferation and Differentiation of Prepubertal Mouse Vaginal Epithelial Cells In Vitro and the Specificity of Estrogen-Induced Growth Retardation, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 27A, 461, 1991
Mouse Mouse, CF1, female Cumulus, one-cell embryos Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
PBS, CMF Spindle, A.: In vitro Development of One-Cell Embryos from Outbred Mice: Influence of Culture Medium Composition, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 151, 1990
Mouse Mouse (BALB/cCRGL), male, 2-3 months Epithelial, prostate gland Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
Medium 199 Turner, T., Bern, H., Young,P., and Cunha, G.: Serum-Free Culture of Enriched Mouse Anterior and Ventral Prostatic Epithelial Cells in Collagen Gel, In Vitro Cell Dev Biol 26, 722, 1990
Mouse Mouse (C57B/T), fetus, 16-17 days old Prostate Trypsin: 1.0%
HBSS/ DMEM Thompson, T.C., Southgate, J., Kitchener, G., and Land, H.: Multistage Carcinogenesis Induced by ras and myc Oncogenes in a Reconstituted Organ, Cell 56, 917, 1989
Mouse Mouse, outbred, CD-1, 21-23 days old Epithelial Trypsin: 0.5%
Medium 199 Tomooka, Y., DiAugustine, R., and McLachlan, J.: Proliferation of Mouse Uterine Epithelial Cells in Vitro, Endocrinology 118 (3), 1011, 1986
Mouse Mouse, BALB/c Epithelial
Trypsin: 1%
DMEM Bigsby, R., Cooke, P., and Cunha, G.: A Simple Efficient Method For Separating Murine Uterine Epithelial and Mesenchymal Cells, Am J Physiol 251, E630, 1986
Mouse Mouse, BALB/cCrg, 40 days old Epithelial Trypsin: 1%
Medium 199 Cooke, P., Uchima, F., Fujii, D., Bern, H., and Cunha, G.: Restoration of Normal Morphology and Estrogen Responsiveness in Cultured Vaginal and Uterine Epithelia Transplanted with Stroma, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 83, 2109, 1986
Mouse Mouse, male, 10-13 wk Leydig
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.001%
Medium 199 w/ BSA Stalvcey, J. and Payne, A.: Luteinizing Hormone Receptors and Testosterone Production in Whole Testes and Purified Leydig Cells from the Mouse: Differences among Inbred Strains, Endocrinology 112, 1696, 1983
Mouse Mouse (BALB/cCrgl), female, 50 - 60 days Epithelial, vagina Collagenase Type 3: 0.1%
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Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.04 u/ml
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Porcine Porcine, 1-4 day Testicular Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
Trypsin: 0.25%
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Porcine Porcine, male, 8 day Seminiferous epithelial cells Collagenase: 0.15%
Deoxyribonuclease I: .0001%
Hyaluronidase: 0.15%
Trypsin: 0.05%
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Porcine Porcine (also bovine, human) Interna & corpus luteum
Pronase: 0.1%
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Porcine Porcine, 3-4 week Leydig
Trypsin: 0.0003%
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand, 3 month Testicular germ Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Trypsin: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.7%
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand, 3 month Testicular germ Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
Trypsin: 0.25%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.7%
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, 4-6 month old, Ovarian
Collagenase Type 1: 300 u/ml
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, adult, female (nonpregnant),
3-4 kg
Myocytes, uterine Deoxyribonuclease I: 200 µg/ml
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white, mature, 3-4 Kg Myometrial Trypsin: 0.02%, 0.03%, 0.0375%
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Rabbit Rabbit, New Zealand white estrous, female, 4-5 months Mesothelial and surface epithelial
Trypsin: 0.125%-0.5%
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Rat Rat Placental mesenchymal Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.02%
Neutral Protease: 0.1%
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Rat Rat, SD, 350-450 g Leydig cells Collagenase: .05-0.1%
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Rat Rat, SD, adult, male, 8 - 10 week Seminiferous tubules Trypsin: 0.05%
Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer
(see reference)
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Rat Rat, Han-Wistar, adult, male, 250 g Testes Trypsin: 0.1%
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Rat Rat, SD, female, immature, 26 day
(also rat, pregnant and pseudopregnant)
Corpus luteum Neutral Protease: 2.4 u/ml Deoxyribonuclease: 200u/ml
Serum-free medium
(see reference)
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Rat Rat, SD, 25 day Ovarian theca-interstitial Collagenase Type 1: 0.5%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.02%
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Rat Rat, SD, male Leydig Trypsin: 0.02%
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Rat Rat, SD, male, 120-160 g Leydig
Collagenase Type 2: 0.03% (adrenal)
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Rat Rat, SD, 10 day Sertoli cells Collagenase Type 2: 500 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0005%
Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
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Rat Rat, immature Luteal, ovaries Collagenase: 0.3%
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Rat Rat, male, 20 day Sertoli Trypsin: 0.15%
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Rat Rat, SD, female Luminal epithelial Trypsin: 0.5%
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Rat Rat, SD, female, 21 day Luteal, ovaries Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0004%
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Rat Rat, SD, male, 10 day Sertoli Trypsin: 0.025%
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Rat Rat, Holtzman, female, immature Uterine Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.025%
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Rat Rat, SD, adult,male, 50-70 days Testicular Deoxyribonuclease I: 10 µg/ml
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Rat Rat, SD, female, pseudopregnant, 21 day Luteal, ovaries Hyaluronidase: 0.1%
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Rat Rat, SD, 4-6 day, male Sertolli, seminiforous tubules Collagenase: 0.03%
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Rat Rat, SD, female, 26 days Luteal Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.0004%
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Rat Rat, SD, male Leydig Collagenase: 0.1%
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