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  • To provide resources useful to the study and practice (art) of tissue dissociation


  • Introduction, Cell Isolation Theory, Cell Isolation Techniques, and Use-Tested Cell Isolation Systems are all pages that appear in our printed, "Tissue Dissociation Guide"
  • Annotated References appear in the printed, "Tissue Dissociation Guide" as "Tissue Tables"
  • Reference Search Engine:
    • The pull-down menu on the main page will redirect you to a static version of the most up-to-date version of references for each of the Tissue Types.
    • The Advanced Search page allows you to find a set of references using just about any search criteria. Matching references will be returned on a single page to make printing easier.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions was generated by our Technical Service department in response to common queries by customers.


  • Annotated directory of links to related web pages
  • Search engine that indexes pages found by a subject-specific web crawler
  • Some sort of forum/message board/chat service for researchers
  • Other suggestions?


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